Time In Quarantine

” Him” is a photographic project born with the intention of showing the positive side of a complex period: the complete lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Italy started March 9th, 2020.of Covid-19.

During this month, solitude and silence dominated the alleys of Rome. Fear has driven people away and the desire to heal has stopped the time. The days began to flow. The light marked the hours. The fountains broke the silence. The animals stopped hiding while on the other hand we started doing it.

There is a strong perception that the movement has become a privileged need and that the family is now the only link left with our old projects.

This series of self-portraits will show you the collateral beauty of a time that has not stopped. Italy is fighting, seeking balance and not getting lost in time.

I am a 27-years-old Italian young woman who doesn’t know what she will do tomorrow. But one thing is certain: I will not stop, especially thanks to him.